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Restaurants in Paris - France

Bistrot de l'Etoile - Paris

Bistrot de l'Etoile

This has to be one of the greatest bistros in the city! With chrome counters and cream colored walls, it has one of the best atmospheres for travelers who prefer a contemporary hang out. But make sure that you make reservations though, as it is jam packed most of the time. Cuisine: Snacks,...

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Bofinger - Paris


Open since the 1860's, it is one of the oldest restaurants around and is an excellent place for Alsatian and French cuisine in the city!
Cuisine: Alsatian, French
Address: 5-7 rue de la Bastille, 4th
Telephone: (01) 4272 8782.

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Café Med - Paris

Café Med

As this restaurant is set up in a tiny room, getting a table is extremely hard, but it is one of the best places for a good and decent lunch that is also light on your wallet! Its dessert crepe and salads taste just great and are inexpensive, and the whole menu should set you...

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Chez Justine - Paris

Chez Justine

A very trendy café, it's a great place, always rocking with music and a DJ every night! It's a great place to eat and have a good time! The starters change every day and the Chez Justine has a very good choice of desserts! The interior has been designed to give the place a more laid-back look, and...

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Galerie 88 - Paris

Galerie 88

Especially famous among a younger clientele, Galerie 88 is an excellent restaurant with a great salad menu and a great atmosphere to boot. It is very close to Notre-Dame and overlooks the quayside, and is open until midnight. Their cumin bread and salads are exceptionally...

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Georges - Paris


Based in the Pompidou Centre, the restaurant is a work of art with the dining room in the shape of four bubbles. The whole place has been done up  with lots of rubber and metal, which gives it a hip and modern look. The terrace is an exceptionally superb addition and the...

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Guy Savoy - Paris

Guy Savoy

This is one of ten restaurants in Paris to receive the ultra-prestigious three-star rating from Michelin.  It’s named for world renowned chef Guy Savoy.  Prepare to pay up to €400 for the most expensive menu (you can also order à la carte), but also prepare to be pampered by the attentive...

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L'Ambroisie - Paris


Home to one of the best chefs of Paris, this is the best place for great dishes that vary every season from traditional French to contemporary recipes prepared by him! Cuisine: French Address: 9 place des Vosges, 4th
Telephone: (01) 4278 5145. ...

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