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What to do with children in tow

ImageParis is a great place for kids as there is so much for them to see and learn. Visits to the various museums such as the Doll Museum or the Museum of Magic would be a special treat for kids, and they would specially love to see the waxworks held at the Wax Museum in the city. Once those museums have been visited, they could try out the circuses. Traditional circuses are ever present in the city the year round. Be sure to check out the Diana Moreno Bormann Circus in rue de la haie coq, 75019 Paris. Paris also has its share of zoos and animal sanctuaries as well as aquariums to keep kids interested and happy! The Château de Breteuil hosts several Perrault fairy tales in its various buildings.The Aeroparis is  another  attraction sure to delight children.


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