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ImageThis family run hotel is situated near the Sorbonne in the heart of the Latin Quarter. It is also within walking distance of the main attractions of Paris, Notre Dame, Louvre, etc and close to three metro stations. Frescoes on the walls of some of the rooms depict scenes from Parisian life while other rooms have restored stone walls. There are balconies with some of the rooms which afford a delightful view over the Latin Quarter. Shower/tub combination is available in half of the bathrooms. There is wi-fi and air conditioning in the entire hotel. Service is friendly and helpful. The hotel is renovated from time to time to ensure the utmost comfort of the guests.

Address: 11 rue des Ecoles, 5th Arrondissement (Latin Quarter)
Tel: 01-43-54-55-27
Website: www.hotel-paris-familia.com


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