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Driving Tips

ImageThe minimum age at which driving is allowed is 18 and the driver requires either a valid EU national driving license or a valid international driver license for non-EU citizens. You should give way to the traffic coming from the right. If there is a yellow diamond sign apparent, only then do you have the right of way. Another thing to remember is that you must stop completely at 'Stop' signs. You always drive on the right hand side and overtake from the left. Also before you begin driving  it would be useful to have a look at the various signs and traffic signals so as to understand the road signs and speed limits.  Speed limits are generally as follow: City 50 kilometers per hour, major roads 110 kilometers per hour and on the motorways 130 kilometers per hour. In case of wet weather conditions, the speed limit on motorways is reduced to 110 kilometers per hour and 90 kilometers per hour on major roads.
Speed monitoring by radars is common and there can be very expensive on-the-spot fines. Do not drive fast and know that speed limits can alter in conditions of poor visibility and wet weather. Also headlights must be switched on during the day if there is poor visibility.

Some words and phrases that are important to know before you start driving are as follow:


Rest stops - Aire de repos

Turn on your lights - Allumez vos lanterns (or feux)

Beware of traffic signal - Attention au feu

Beware roadworks - Attention travaux

Bumpy road ahead - Chaussèe dèformèe

Give way (Give priority to the other road) - Cèdez le passage

Town center - Centre ville

Closed - Ferme

Police station - Gendarmerie

No pedestrians - Interdit aux piètons

Potholes - Nids de poules

Open - Ouvert

Remember - Rappel

Road closed - Route barrèe

One-way - Sens-unique

Keep to the right - Serrez a droite

Exit - Sortie

All directions - Toutes directions

Adapt your speed for safety - Vitesse adapteè sècuritè

One lane road - Voie unique

Cars - Voitures




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