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Hotel Windsor

ImageStay in a hotel where each room is a unique expression of art and you’re bound to be overwhelmed by the work portrayed within. Housed in a maison bourgeoise built by disciples of Gustav Eiffel in 1895, Hotel Windsor lies near the Negresco and the promenade des Anglais. Different artists have made their presence felt through their decorative works commissioned on the walls, etc. The heir of the Redolfi family travelled widely through Asia, Africa and South America and had artists paint his mystical and mythical visions in the hotel guest rooms. The ‘Ben’ room is like a painted poetry book where an artist of the same name painted verses of his own poetry. Blue, orange, yellow and green tones on a white background give a dramatic look. Guests have the option of selecting a room based on photographs or else they can take a chance and see what’s available. They can also get the feel of an Amazonian jungle as they walk through the garden grown with scores of tropical and exotic plants and hear recorded sounds of singing Amazonian birds. Truly a unique experience!

11 rue Dalpozzo
Tel: 04-93-88-59-35

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