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Festivals in Nice - France

Christmas Star International Regatta - Nice

Christmas Star International Regatta

This important annual event taking place in the Bay of Angels is organized by Nice's Water Club. 30 to 40 crews participate in the regatta and contend against each other in a number of sailing events. The sailors use the 'Star' boat which is what is used in Olympic contests.  ...

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Christmas Village - Nice

Christmas Village

This annual Christmas fair is held at the Place Massena. There are a number of attractions apart from the usual food and drink available, which include a skating rink, a Ferris wheel and much more. Traditional handicrafts are on display including the region's specialties such as honey and...

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International Festival of Military Music - Nice

International Festival of Military Music

This is an international military tattoo that takes place every year in Nice. There are grand military parades and concerts that take place with performances from all the participant bands. Various free concerts are held at different locations around Nice.

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La Castellada - Nice

La Castellada

This summer festival celebrates the summer season with musical concerts and puppet shows. The venue for this event is a chateau in the hills of Nice. There are costumed actors who walk through the gardens telling festival-goers about the city's history. ...

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La Fete de Mais or May Feasts - Nice

La Fete de Mais or May Feasts

This festival, held in Nice's Cimiez Gardens is for honoring the Earth Goddess and celebrating the season of spring. There are lots of merry celebrations and festival-goers can enjoy musical performances, singing, dancing and can listen to the local folk tales. There are also a number of gala...

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Living Nativity Scene - Nice

Living Nativity Scene

This is a live re-creation of the Nativity Scene and is on display during the week leading to Christmas. It takes place at the center of Nice at the Place Rossetti. Real animals and a live baby are all part of the scene.  ...

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Manca Music Carnival - Nice

Manca Music Carnival

This is an annual festival which the Centre National de Création Musicale (CIRM) in Nice arranges. It is a modern-day music festival and the concerts are held at a few chosen venues in Nice as well as in nearby Monaco. In addition to the musical concerts there are also a number of music workshops...

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Mardi Gras or Carnival - Nice

Mardi Gras or Carnival

This is a ten day festival dating back to the Middle Ages, that spills over from the middle of February to March. There are daily parades and various events and festivities. There are displays of fireworks, parades of well decorated floats, musical concerts, flower parades, street performances and...

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