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By Taxi

altTaxis are easy to come by, given the multiple taxi stands across the city, but keep in mind that it is quite expensive. Meters start at 5.10 Euros on weekdays. This fare goes up to 8 Euros after 8 pm and throughout Sundays. Also if you are considering taking a taxi from the airport, an additional charge of 2 Euros may be placed for heavy bags.

A better alternative to Taxi services from the airport to the city center is the Yellow Line Minivan service. The van has a capacity for 8 to 9 people and each traveller is dropped at their individual destinations. The cost is shared by all passengers and is roughly around 20 Euros.

Taxi services can be arranged in advance by calling the following numbers:

Airport Taxi Helsinki-Vantaa
Tel: +358 100 4800

Airport Taxi Yellow Line
Tel: +358 600 555 555

Taxi Point Ltd
Tel: +358 9 8256 5566

Vantaan taksikeskus
Tel: +358 100 7300


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