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Transportation - Getting Around in Helsinki - Finland

By Bike - Helsinki

By Bike

Helsinki has an intricate bike route developed for bike lovers, so if you are one of them grab a bike and a map and set off in zeal to explore the city on your own. Biking through the city center is much easier because bike lanes and parking facilities are put in place almost everywhere. Read More

By Bus - Helsinki

By Bus

The bus network around the city is much denser compared to the tram system and more frequent since buses travel all major routes of Helsinki multiple times a day. Predominantly, the bus network is divided into the Westbound, Northbound and Eastbound. Westbound buses operate through the underground...

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By Car - Helsinki

By Car

Cars can be rented from the airport by car rental companies. However it is advisable to not explore the city in a car as parking space is difficult to find and expensive at 3 Euros per hour (Sunday’s are free). If you want to explore this magical city without the hassle of traffic and parking,...

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By Ferry - Helsinki

By Ferry

In Helsinki, roaming around by ferry is a popular way to get around in the summer months. Tourists love this mode of transport for its scenic views and its slow pace. The main ferry network is owned by HKL but private owners also provide ferries for tourists going back and forth. A tourist ticket...

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By Metro - Helsinki

By Metro

The city’s railway station is located in the center and a metro line connects the city with the eastern Suburban areas. However, there isn’t much to see along the route due to lack of monuments in this area. The railway has 3 major lines from from Turku in the west, Tampere in the north and...

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By Taxi - Helsinki

By Taxi

Taxis are easy to come by, given the multiple taxi stands across the city, but keep in mind that it is quite expensive. Meters start at 5.10 Euros on weekdays. This fare goes up to 8 Euros after 8 pm and throughout Sundays. Also if you are considering taking a taxi from the airport, an additional...

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By Tram - Helsinki

By Tram

Tram is perhaps the easiest way to revel around Helsinki City Center. Tourists get a complete picture of the modern city as the tram whizzes past a number of locations that are on the route chart. The city has a well established tram network that covers major destinations and travelers can easily...

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Driving Tips - Helsinki

Driving Tips

Driving in Helsinki is a serious matter! Finns drive on the left and all basic headlight, speed and takeover rules are applied very strictly. Driving in winter months is particularly hazardous because roads are lined with snow and cars must be winterized in compliance to safety rules. ...

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