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Shopping in Helsinki - Finland

Aarikka - Helsinki


This shop caters to all those people who value carvings and unusual designs. The store has gifts carved out of wood along with specially designed home utensils. Exquisite silver jewelry is also available for tourists who wish to take home a Finnish masterpiece!


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Academic Bookstore - Helsinki

Academic Bookstore

Perhaps the largest bookstore in all of Europe, Academic has the most extensive collection of books in various languages and a two story building that specializes in stationery products, gift items and travel aids. Every Friday a literary meeting is also held in which anyone can participate and...

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Anne’s Shop - Helsinki

Anne’s Shop

Anne’s Shop is a small cottage located near the Temppeliaukio Church. It has a small but good collection of china, jewelry, clothes, pots and pans, dolls and hats. The products are exempted from taxes so the prices are very reasonable. Most of the shoppers seen at Anne’s are either from nearby...

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Annikki Karvinen - Helsinki

Annikki Karvinen

Opened by Ms Karvinen for developing the fashion taste in Finland, Annikki today serves the elite Finn with exquisite dresses that are hand woven and cut exactly according to the client’s preferences. The shop specializes in both formal and casual coats as well as dresses that are made out of...

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Artek - Helsinki


Established by Alvar Alto, Artek is a shop of beautifully carved chairs and desks that are also supplied to other retailers. However, the brand name is not detached. The place houses designer tables and other wooden items that are of immense value to tourists who prefer buying collectable antiques....

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Artisaani - Helsinki


Artisaani is a few minutes’ walk from the market square. The place is run collectively by 20 artisans from Finland who sell their art work in this small museum. The paintings are not very pricy but are nicely done to give a perfectionist look.

Location: Unioninkatu...

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Digelius Music - Helsinki

Digelius Music

Digelius has one of the finest collections of music in all of Europe and perhaps one of the largest too, of about 10,000 titles. The collection includes genres of Finnish folk music, pop music and all time favorites from Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Digelius’ USP lies in the fact that it...

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Forum Shopping Center - Helsinki

Forum Shopping Center

Forum Shopping Center is the number one shopping arena in all of Finland. The building houses 150 shops that stock all kinds of merchandise including jewelry, furnisher, garments, decorative items, sports goods and gift items. It is located in one of the most important streets of the city center:...

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