The Bank Lunch Club and The Bank Bistro

The building in which this cafe and restaurant has been opened used to be a club with high ceiling and trendy furniture. Despite the prestige, meals are available at highly cost effective rates. The lunch club is a ‘no frills attached’ cozy restaurant that has a big menu of high quality fresh food and the club area is where the Finns gather to relax after their hectic work schedules. A fulfilling main course such as, white fish and snails with garlic sauce can be ordered for as low as 8.5 Euros. If you wish to dine in and then relax while you acquaint yourself with a few Finns, this is the place to be.

Cuisine: Finish and international
Opening Time: lunch club: Monday to Friday 11am to 2 pm. Bistro: Monday to Friday 12pm to 11pm and Sunday 4 to 11pm
Address: Unioninkatu 20,
Phone: 09/1345 6260


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