La Cocina

Unlike many other restaurants in Helsinki, La Cocina offers a mixture of cuisines from Spain to Northern Europe like ‘pintxos’ for starters and lamb or deer sautéed with passion fruit. All dishes are innovations by the chefs who have experimented with the finest quality herbs and molded dishes to exquisite taste. Part of Hotel Glo, the place is famous for its appetizers among the Finns and is usually crowded during meal times so make a reservation if La Cocina is your destination. Main course rates begin from 20 Euros up to 30 Euros.

Cuisine: Basque, Catalonian
Opening Time: Monday to Tuesday 11 30am to 2 30pm and 5pm to 11pm;
                       Wednesday to Friday 11 30am to 2 30pm and 5pm to 12am; Sat 2pm to 12am.
Address: Eteläranta 10, Helsinki
Phone: 09/1345-6749


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