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Restaurants in Helsinki - Finland

Bellevue - Helsinki


Bellevue is located in the Market Square near the Uspenski Church. The place has been running successfully since 1917 and serves everything Russian! Interior of the restaurant is soothing and you can choose to have dinner in a corridor or a cozy dining hall. Start your course with some classic...

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Cella - Helsinki


A very casual place where the chef himself serves the dishes, Cella was opened in 1969 as a traditional Finnish restaurant that would offer spicy dishes at a price of around 10 to 20 Euros in the Kallio district. There is also a summer terrace that is filled up during summer months and reservations...

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Chez Dominique - Helsinki

Chez Dominique

One of the best restaurants in Helsinki in terms of food and décor is Chez Dominique. The place offers excellent French food prepared by the world renowned chef Hans Välimäki. Such specialties include Duck confit, Smoked Tuna, Roasted Turbot and lobster. Inside, the décor and placement of...

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Chilli - Helsinki


If you wish to eat on a budget and when you are on the go, Chilli will offer you a variety of kebab, shawarma and falafel molded to its own recipe. The food is good but variety is limited.

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
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Farouge - Helsinki


Arguably the only Lebanese restaurant in Helsinki, Farouge has the best home made “baklava” in Finland. The dishes offered are exquisite and are made from rare herbs and spices that are hardly used in Western foods. Apart from food, Farouge offers excellent customer service. The staff is...

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FishMarket - Helsinki


FishMarket is a one of its kind restaurant located along the South Harbor. It is famous for its Sea Food cuisine all around Finland. It is placed in the cellar of an ancient building, however, in summer months seating is arranged out in the terrace but it gets filled up within minutes so be sure to...

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G. W. Sundmans - Helsinki

G. W. Sundmans

The setting of G.W.Sundmans is one of elegance with 19th century Finnish paintings lined on the walls and a mansion like look that is set beautifully overlooking the harbor. The best quality ingredients are used to prepare food that is finger licking good and people keep coming back to enjoy Chef...

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Gallery Restaurant Wellamo - Helsinki

Gallery Restaurant Wellamo

One of the posh dine-ins in Helsinki, Gallery restaurant is situated on the Katajanokka Island and is visited mostly by prestigious people. The restaurant is very charming and has a white and brown décor which oozes class. Specialties include sautéed white fish, lamb and grilled...

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