Senate Square

Senate Square is the most popular destination within Helsinki. It was built by a famous Russian architect, Carl Ludvig Engel(1778-1840). Today the Senate Square houses concerts, events and a site seeing tour.  The Square occupies a huge area and has a number of monuments and important buildings located on all four sides.

•    Lutheran Cathedral
This church dates back to 1852 when it was completed and has since become the unofficial symbol of the country. The church has a very dominating position in the north of the Senate Square and exhibits pure beauty in the form of the white walls and apostle figures on the roof. Tourists can visit daily between 9 am to 6pm for free. It is located in the Aleksanterinkatu area.

•    Palace of Council State
A very important political landmark in Helsinki, the Palace of Council State acted as the Senate of Finland until 1822, and now houses the offices of the Prime minister and important political representatives. It is located on the Eastern side of the Square.
•    Statue of Alexander II
In the center of the Senate Square stands this prestigious statue of Emperor Alexander II who had played a very crucial role in establishing Finland as an autonomous state. At the base of the statue are symbols of law, culture and peasants. During all tough times, this monument stood as a quiet resistance to all atrocities inflicted upon the country. 


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