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Botanical Garden

altThese gardens are located in the old downtown area of the city, a few minutes’ walk from the central station. The Gardens include extensive acres of land dedicated to growing special wildlife flowers, shrubs and herbs. They represent the contributions that Finland makes in conservation of nature. A number of greenhouses are also constructed within the premises where new plants are grown and nurtured. Botanical Garden is very close to the University of Helsinki from one side.

Admission fee: for adults is 4 Euros while for children it is 2 Euros and it’s free for children under 6.
Opening times: April 1 to September 30, Monday-Friday 7am to 8pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am to 8pm;
     October to March 31, Monday to Friday 7am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am to 5pm
Address: Unioninkatu 44, Helsinki
Phone: 09/91-91-24-453



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