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Organized Tours in Helsinki - Finland

Helsinki Audio City Tour - Helsinki

Helsinki Audio City Tour

This tour is set on a very unique pattern. It is self guided and tourists find their way around monuments with an audio guide CD that acts as their tour guide for the city. The CDs are designed in a very creative way including sound effects that add life to the tour and ‘humanize’ ancient...

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Helsinki card - Helsinki

Helsinki card

A very smart move as a tourist would be to invest in a Helsinki Card. This card is designed especially for tourists to use it on all modes of travel and to roam around the adventurous city in peace without worrying of transport charges. The card has a certain number of trams and metros covered...

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Helsinki on foot and bike - Helsinki

Helsinki on foot and bike

Biking around Helsinki is a very popular way to visit major attractions and monuments. It frees the tourists from parking worries or following time restrictions of tour operators. If you are traveling alone and wish to be in charge of your own timing and destinations biking is the right choice for...

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Helsinki Sightseeing Tour - Helsinki

Helsinki Sightseeing Tour

A 105 minutes tour of Helsinki that details out all the major monuments of the city and both picks and drops you to your hotel. This tour service takes tourists to Senate Square, City Hall, Parliament of Finland, Opera House, Church in the Rock and Finlandi Hall. Detailed narrations of the history...

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Helsinki Water Tour - Helsinki

Helsinki Water Tour

Helsinki is not named ‘Daughter of the Baltic’ for no reason. It is surrounded on three sides by water and travelling via the sea is a vital part of exploring the history and culture of the Finnish Capital. Ferries and boats depart from the main city from the Market Square and take you across...

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The Czar Route tour - Helsinki

The Czar Route tour

This is a Cultural tour operated for 9 days for an hour each day. The tour takes you to the bordering countries of Finland as well. However, if you wish to stay within Helsinki you can cancel the other parts of the journey or negotiate on reasonable terms. The tour would take you around the...

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