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Hotel Arthur

altA large well maintained building; Hotel Arthur was first established in 1906 and later renovated in 2006. It is located in a peaceful neighborhood, minutes away from the railway station and offers both comfort and tidiness. It has 167 units at a minimum rate of 124 Euros on weekdays and 94 Euros on weekends and breakfast is included. The rooms are all equipped with TV, Wi-Fi, ACs. Other amenities can be added on extra charge. If you are looking for moderately priced accommodations within the city center, Arthur should be your pick.
Additional services: dry cleaning, laundry, room service, sauna, bar, restaurant and special purpose rooms.

Address: Vuorinkatu 19,
    Helsinki FIN-00100
Phone: 09/17-34-41
Fax: 09/17-34-41



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