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Hilton Helsinki Strand

altStanding majestically at the edge of the water bay, north of the center, is the Hilton Helsinki. The hotel is designed in an octagonal shape and presents some of the best architecture of the local Finns. The atrium is decorated with plants and hand woven wall hangings that give a very sophisticated aura to the place. The 192 rooms are fully equipped with standard luxury amenities. More can be ordered through housekeeping. Hilton rates can touch as much as 360 Euros for a single night with breakfast. If you are in luck, you might get a beach view room for you to enjoy all your evenings taking in the tranquility of the sea!

Address: John Stenbergin Ranta 4,
    Helsinki FIN-00530
Phone: 09/393-51
Fax: 09/393-532-55



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