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Festivals in Helsinki - Finland



An event for processing foods and raw material, this convention is one of the largest of its kind and attracts people and companies related to the industry. It is held at the Helsinki Fair Center. ...

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Alppipuisto Music Festival - Helsinki

Alppipuisto Music Festival

Another of the music festivals held in Helsinki, the Alppipuisto is also famous for its rock and hard metal music category. It is more of a family event where people flock in parks under the sun to hear the performances.                    

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American Car Show - Helsinki

American Car Show

One of the biggest car shows in Finland, the American Show comprises of a display of colorful models of the latest cars as well as old American favorites. Motor lovers throng the exhibition to get information on all kinds of cars including the upcoming models and series. Annually, the show attracts...

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Annual Veterinary Meeting  - Helsinki

Annual Veterinary Meeting

Like all developed societies, Finland celebrates the awareness of keeping animals healthy. This annual meeting stresses the same importance and is a gathering of experts from all over the neighboring areas to pool in their expertise.

Contact: +358 9 150 91, +358 9 142...

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Arts and Craft Fair - Helsinki

Arts and Craft Fair

Finns arrange an arts and craft fair that displays artistic collections which represent the rich historic background of the country.                    

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Baila Baila Dance Festival - Helsinki

Baila Baila Dance Festival

An open festival for all Salsa lovers, Baila Baila dance is organized by the collaboration of Baila Baila Dance academy and Sokos Hotel Vantaa. Salsa classes are held during the day and the evening is made fun with parties and gatherings.                   
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Bicycle 2011 - Helsinki

Bicycle 2011

At par with the events of the car show, Helsinki also hosts a bicycle exhibition at Messuaukio.
For more information contact: +358 9 1509 370, +358 9 142 358                   

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Caravan Fair - Helsinki

Caravan Fair

Featuring all sorts of vehicles, from the most modern to the most conventional, the Caravan Fair is a major attraction in Helsinki. It is held at the Helsinki Fair Centre throughout January and visitors are welcomed anytime during the day. Apart from caravans, a variety of camping equipment is also...

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