Helsinki Today

Helsinki is a city of great attractions. If you want to experience night life, follow the latest trends and feel thrilled with new experiences, Helsinki is the place to be. This pocketsize metropolis has developed to the extent of being named the World Design Capital for 2012 and harbors the most exciting and happening beaches in the Baltic region.

After rebuilding the downtown area, Helsinki started its way to unprecedented economic and technological development. However, none of these modern advancements have effaced the cultural and aesthetic past that existed in colonial times. Monuments and museums are in abundance throughout the city, and to create a stark balance, so are night clubs and upscale bars!

Mostly crowded with tourists year-long, the Finnish Capital has everything in store for a good vacation. The Finns offer world class shopping, museums, fine dining and hotel options and an exuberant night life to name a few. Not only this, University of Helsinki is famous for its modern school of thought and the variety of academic programs that are offered all year round.