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Fast Facts

alt•    Location: is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and is in the southern part of the country in the region called Uusimaa/Nyland by the Baltic Sea. This strategic location enables it to have close ties with Sweden, Russia and Estonia.
•    Dialing codes: +358 – 9
•    Emergency: Police or ambulance: 112
•    Airport enquiry: Telephone: +358(0)982 771
                                  Phone: +358(0)2001 4636
•    Population: 584,420
•    Density: 2,735.28/km2
•    Language: the official languages are Finnish and Swedish. However, a good 85% of the people speak Finnish as their native language. Due to advancement in education and economics English is also spoken with fluency.
•    Total spread of city: 715.55 km2
•    Time zone: EET (UTC+2)
•    Annual rainfall: 637mm
•    Highest summer temperature: 23°C
•    Lowest winter temperature:-7°C
•    Currency: Euro


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