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General Information About Helsinki - Finland

Annual Temperatures - Helsinki

Annual Temperatures

MONTH    Min Temp. °C    Max. Temp. °C
January            -5                  -1
February          -7                  -2
March              -4           ...

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Fast Facts - Helsinki

Fast Facts

•    Location: is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and is in the southern part of the country in the region called Uusimaa/Nyland by the Baltic Sea. This strategic location enables it to have close ties with Sweden, Russia and Estonia. Read More

Helsinki History - Helsinki

Helsinki History

For much of its history, Helsinki had remained a small town, overshadowed by the bigger regions it neighbors, plagued by poverty and destitution. Being under Swedish influence, the city was not able to thrive on its own and develop a culture, aura and attraction till around 1809 when the autonomous...

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Helsinki Residents - Helsinki

Helsinki Residents

Finland, and Helsinki in particular, houses one of the most literate and aware populations of the world. People here come from all sorts of backgrounds but because of the high social standards set by the country, everyone is encouraged to get at least some basic and primary education.
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Helsinki Today - Helsinki

Helsinki Today

Helsinki is a city of great attractions. If you want to experience night life, follow the latest trends and feel thrilled with new experiences, Helsinki is the place to be. This pocketsize metropolis has developed to the extent of being named the World Design Capital for 2012 and harbors the most...

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Public holidays - Helsinki

Public holidays

1st January: New Year’s Day
6th January: Epiphany
2nd April: Easter
1st May: May Day
13th May: Ascension
23rd May: Whit Sunday
26th June: Mid Summer
6th November: All Saints’ Day
6th December: Independence Day
25th December:...

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When to go - Helsinki

When to go

Being one of the coldest regions in the world, Helsinki attracts more tourists during the summer season, when parks are decorated with blossoming flowers and the warm sun welcomes people out in the open. This season starts mid June and goes on till mid August. The beaches in Helsinki offer a...

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