Taxis in Cairo are colored in black and white and are easy to find on the street. The only hassle is that there is no set price and Cairenes usually have a roundabout idea of how much their ride costs. As a result, Cairenes never set a price before entering a cab since they already know how much the fare will be.

Yet, for the fresh tourist such estimations are hard to calculate. Therefore, it may be best for you to negotiate a price before entering the cab even though this may result in a slightly higher fare. Also, make sure you have exact change before taking the ride, because taxi drivers do not like to give change back, resulting in you giving an exorbitantly high tip. Tips are not normally given to cab drivers.

To give you an idea, taxis found near hotels cost 10LE per kilometer, whereas taxis found on the street usually cost about 5 LE per kilometer.