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Transportation - Getting Around in Cairo - Egypt

Bus - Cairo


It is not recommended that you take public buses if you want comfortable navigation around Cairo. Public buses are always so crowded that you will likely not find a seat.
There are, however, private buses (called microbuses) that...

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Cars for Hire - Cairo

Cars for Hire

An international driver's license and a minimum age of 25 are necessary to rent a car in Cairo . Rates are usually around 185LE per day.
The main car hire offices are:
  Avis 11...

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Driving Tips - Cairo

Driving Tips

Unless you want an anxiety attack, it is preferred you not drive in Cairo. The drivers are very careless and traffic signals are suggestions instead of actual rules. However, if you insist on taking on this experience, try observing the locals driving habits and then take the plunge if you dare....

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From airport - Cairo

From airport

Taxi is the best way to get from the airport to your desired destination. Getting a taxi is easy, just exit the terminal and you will find rows of taxis. Do not be afraid to negotiate with the driver, you will be able to get a lower price with a little bit of bargaining. You can also hire a...

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Getting Around - Cairo

Getting Around

Getting around Cairo by public transportation is not the best way to travel. Thus, it is recommended you take taxis which, if the same driver is taken frequently, can become your private tour guide for a reasonable price. Something to definitely stay away from is the public buses, unless you are...

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Metro - Cairo


The metro system is a good mobility option. As Africa's only metro system, be assured that the metro is comfortable, modern, clean, and safe. The major interchanges are Mubarak (at Midan Ramses) and Sadat (below Midan Tahrir).

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Taxi - Cairo


Taxis in Cairo are colored in black and white and are easy to find on the street. The only hassle is that there is no set price and Cairenes usually have a roundabout idea of how much their ride costs. As a result, Cairenes never set a price before entering a cab since they already know how much...

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