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Restaurants in Cairo - Egypt

Abu el-Sid - Cairo

Abu el-Sid

The Abu el-Sid is Cairo's best Egyptian restaurant and bar. The food is traditional and appetizing and brings in a mixed crowd of locals, tourists, and travelers on business. The decor is stylish mix of hanging lamps, large cushions, and brass tables. If you want to taste local food, this is the...

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Andrea - Cairo


Andrea restaurant is a family-oriented restaurant that specializes in grilled Egyptian dishes. There is a lovely garden from where to dine and a bar that offers some local beer and wine. Though this restaurant is near the pyramids, be careful when driving to this restaurant as it is a bit secluded...

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Aqua - Cairo


This upscale surf and turf restaurant offers a fusion cuisine that includes dishes ranging anywhere from pan-seared salmon pagoda to the traditional lobster thermidor to steak and to the finger-licking Buffalo wings. Vegetarian dishes are also served.
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Da Mario - Cairo

Da Mario

If you want to escape Egyptian cuisine for a moment, then head over to Da Mario (located in the Hilton) and try its fabulously authentic Italian cuisine. Dishes are delicious and served in a generous quantity. The service is also very efficient. Located near the Egyptian,Museum, Da Mario is also a...

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Khan El-Khalili Restaurant & Naguib Mahfouz Coffee Shop - Cairo

Khan El-Khalili Restaurant & Naguib Mahfouz Coffee Shop

The Khan El-Khali Restaurant & Naguib Mahfouz Coffee Shop offers its diners something most restaurants lack;  personality. This restaurant has a distinct and charming local attitude that is matched with sumptuous Egyptian food. The coffee shop, which is named after Egypt's Nobel...

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L'Aubergine - Cairo


The L' Aubergine restaurant is Cairo's self-proclaimed only vegetarian restaurant in the city (though it does offer some meat dishes). Its stylish decor and friendly staff make this restaurant a treat to visit. The subdued jazz-style bar is also very inviting.
5 Shar'a Sayed al-Bakry,...

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Moghul Room - Cairo

Moghul Room

Famed as the best Indian restaurant in Cairo, the Moghul Room offers quality food with a serene dining atmosphere that is backed with soft, live Indian music. The food offered is North Indian cuisine that emphasizes tandoori and vegetarian dishes. The Moghul Room is located in the Mena House Oberoi...

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Revolving Restaurant  - Cairo

Revolving Restaurant

The Grand Hyatt hotel's Revolving Restaurant is the tallest restaurant in Cairo and the only dining venue which offers a rotating 360 degree of the city (it makes a full circle every 75 minutes) that includes catching sights of the pyramids and Nile River. Besides its superb decor, the restaurant...

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