Bab Zuwayla

The Bab Zuwayla is a gate that was built in 1087 by three Armenian monks to protect the then Fatimid city from invasion. The name Fatimid is given to the ancient Shia Dynasty which ruled North Africa from about 900-1200.

Importance is attributed to this gate because it is the only artifact that remains from the Fatimid city. Also, superstitious beliefs state that the gate has healing powers and that people who nail a strand of hair or clothing to it will receive divine aid.

Next to this gate stands the Mosque of al-Muayyad, which was constructed under the reign of Sultan Muayyad, an oppressive man with no major historical significance, between 1415 and 1422. The minarets of the mosque offer some of the best views of Islamic Cario.

Sharia Darb el-Ahmar, Islamic Cairo
Opening hours: Daily dawn-dusk (mosque).
There is an admissions charge to enter the mosque. There is no charge for the minarets, but donations are welcome.

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