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Festivals in Cairo - Egypt

Al Nitaq Festival - Cairo

Al Nitaq Festival

Held every year at venues throughout Cairo, Al Nitaq is a popular cultural festival that celebrates a huge variety of artistic disciplines, from poetry to music and art. ...

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Ashura - Cairo


Taking place on the 10th day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar at El-Hussein Mosque, Ashura celebrates the martyrdom of Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed who was killed in 680AD during the battle of Karbala.
Throughout the day and evening, visitors can watch crowds gather...

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Cairo Book Fair - Cairo

Cairo Book Fair

Book lovers are in for a treat at the Cairo  Book Fair. Considered the largest event of its kind in the Middle East, this fair is held at the Nasr City International Fair Grounds, usually in late January. Millions of books covering every conceivable topic are featured and many are sold at...

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Cairo International Film Festival - Cairo

Cairo International Film Festival

Held for three decades, the Cairo International Film Festival is  about celebrating all that is the best in cinema, worldwide. It is a forum for exchange of ideas between nations, for promoting  films in the Arab world, the Middle East and all over the world, for creating artistic links...

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Coptic Easter - Cairo

Coptic Easter

Coptic Easter is a fast-breaking celebration, and the most important Coptic event of the year. The exact date of Coptic Easter varies according to the Coptic solar calendar, but always falls sometime between late March and the end of April. Mass is held on the eve to mark the end of Lent - 40 days...

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Festival at Abu Simbel - Cairo

Festival at Abu Simbel

Twice a year, on February 22 and October 22, thousands gather to watch as the sun passes over the face of the Ramsis II statue at the Pharaonic temples of Abu Simbel.


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Flora Egypt Fair - Cairo

Flora Egypt Fair

  Flora Eypt Fair is an annual international exhibition of fresh cut flowers and ornamaental plants. The fair provides a meeting ground for those interested in all aspects of horticulture, from marketing to future trends. It is a gateway for exhibitors to introduce their products in the European...

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Moulid of El- Hussein - Cairo

Moulid of El- Hussein

This is one of the most popular and colourful festivals of the year, gathering pace over a week and culminating in a leyla kebira (big night) on the last Wednesday of the Islamic month of Rabi el-Tani (between May and June). Pilgrims from all over the country come to El-Hussein Mosque to honour...

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