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Transportation - Getting Around in Copenhagen - Denmark

By bicycle - Copenhagen

By bicycle

Being the most popular means of travel amongst the people of Copenhagen, biking can even be the fastest way to go about the city if you pedal fast enough. In order to facilitate bikers, separate lanes are established on main roads alongside proper traffic lanes. Mainly for the tourists, there is a...

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By Boat - Copenhagen

By Boat

A unique and fun way to travel, and enjoy Copenhagen’s various sights and attractions, is by the DFDS Canal Tours. It is also known as the “water boat” and operates much like a chair lift does; the first one gets to be on the boat. The route is divided into three circular rings at the...

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By bus - Copenhagen

By bus

 The bus system at Copenhagen is devised in a very efficient and organized manner. For the convenience of travelers 5 kinds of buses have been developed. Buses carry the bulk of passengers and are linked to six different routes which ultimately lead to different destinations.  Buses arrive and...

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By metro - Copenhagen

By metro

 Another means of transportation is through metros which are automated and run from Vanløse through the city centre and branches to either the new-town of Ørestad or to the airport. At night the metro runs continuously with a break of fifteen minutes. Between these two points, the metro operates...

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By S-Tog - Copenhagen

By S-Tog

 The most common and widely used means of travelling within the city is by S-train service. This train service runs from early morning to late night with a ten minute break during the day and a twenty minute wait at late night and early morning. The trains are state-of-the-art, air-conditioned and...

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By taxi - Copenhagen

By taxi

 Although an expensive means of travel, taxis in Copenhagen are considered to be top notch, not less than a Mercedes or a BMW! For the ease of travelers, cab drivers offer credit card facilities or can even settle for payment in Euros. You either have an option of waiting for a taxi, which can be...

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