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Designer Zoo

altDesigner Zoo has piled up the work of 8 designers in one roof. From house hold stuff to jewellery and from glass sculptures to modern furniture; Designer Zoo has it all! The most striking feature about this particular shop is that customers can’t only buy designer stuff but they can also get a chance to interact with the designers and deliver product specifications. It’s a perfect stop for tourists as the shop also sells handicrafts which promote the Danish culture and tradition. Designer Zoo is not only a place where people can buy stuff, it offers much more in the form of art exhibitions and shows to promote new designers.

Address: Vesterbrogade 137 Vesterbro
Phone: 33 24 94 93
Transport: 6A, 26
Hours: Mon-Thru(10:00-17:30)
          Fri( 10:00-19:00)
          Sat (10:00-15:00)



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