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Shopping in Copenhagen - Denmark

A. Dradsted - Copenhagen

A. Dradsted

The shop makes and sells Danish style handicraft stone jewelry to women which are both unique as well as expensive. The stones vary from pearls to opals to ambers and other rare stones.

Address: Store Kongensgade 20
     Copenhagen K 1264Read More

Arnold Busck - Copenhagen

Arnold Busck

Arnold Busck is a three storey bookshop and perhaps one of the most popular ones in all of Copenhagen. The store stocks all genres of books starting from art and literature, to music and photography and from cooking to tourist guides. Books are available in multi languages to accommodate the...

Read More

Bald & Bang - Copenhagen

Bald & Bang

A Danish based company which entered the market in 2000, Bald and Bang has achieved success and come a long way. Specializing in lighting and lighting equipments, Blad and Bang are famous for their intricate, modern and commercial designs.  The prices are both affordable as well as competitive.Read More

Birger Christensen - Copenhagen

Birger Christensen

Glamour, style and extravagance all under Briger Christensen’s roof!  It stocks and sells exquisite and expensive designer wear for both men and women. Top brands such as Prada and Chanel  are available here alongside lovely Valentino and other branded furs. It is one of Scandinavia’s most...

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Bruuns Bazaar - Copenhagen

Bruuns Bazaar

A shopping extravaganza for both men and women, Brunns Bazzar offers a wide variety of designer clothes, accessories for both genders. Their popularity can be gauged by the fact that their clothes are now exhibited in Paris fashion shows. Established by two brothers in 1995, the business has...

Read More

Designer Zoo - Copenhagen

Designer Zoo

Designer Zoo has piled up the work of 8 designers in one roof. From house hold stuff to jewellery and from glass sculptures to modern furniture; Designer Zoo has it all! The most striking feature about this particular shop is that customers can’t only buy designer stuff but they can also get a...

Read More

Fisketorvet Shopping Centre - Copenhagen

Fisketorvet Shopping Centre

Opened in 2000, this is a modern and contemporary shopping centre stocking everything from clothes, shoes and handbags under one roof with price variations.

Address: Kalvebod Brygge 59, 1560 København V
Phone: 33 36 64 00...

Read More

Georg Jensen - Copenhagen

Georg Jensen

Looking for an exclusive and unique collection of the finest and most expensive silvers in all of Europe? Georg Jensen is the perfect stop for you. It not only deals in silver, it also offers a wide range of gold jewelry in traditional and the latest Danish designs.
Read More


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