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Kong Hans

altLocated in one of the most ancient places in Copenhagen, the positioning of the restaurant is just about perfect! The chefs are innovative and adventurous when it comes to food and are always searching for a combination between French, Danish and the Asian cuisine. Kong Hans is quite famous for its presentation of food on the platter which is artistic and thoroughly creative. It’s like going in with an empty stomach and coming out with a content and satisfied one!

Cuisine: French, Danish, Asian
Address: Vingårdsstræde 6, Copenhagen
Phone: 33-11-68-68
Transportation: Bus: 1, 6, or 9
Prices: Main courses DKK435-DKK750 ($74-$128/£44-£75); fixed-price menu DKK1,100-DKK2,800 ($187-$476/£110-£280)


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