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Café Ketchup

altBrittany oysters with lemon and shallot-flavored vinegar; mussels in a Pernod-flavored cream sauce with fennel and summer onions; miso-baked halibut with spinach and garlic-flavored potatoes; venison with sautéed foie gras; and pear-flavored sorbet with Danish raspberries and cream.
Tempting isn’t it? Such are the delectable dishes which makes Café Ketchup worth visiting. The hip and stylish café is usually crowded with the young and frivolous. Moreover, the café stocks and sells a wide variety of cocktails which include martinis, sours, juleps etc. Café Ketchup is accessible daily from 12 to 4 during the day and 5 to 10 during the night. The bar, however, is open till midnight!

Cuisine: International
Address: In Tivoli
Phone: 33-75-07-57
Website: www.cafeketchuptivoli.dk


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