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Bøf & Ost

altOverlooking the Grey Friars Square, Bøf & Ost is the perfect place to relax and observe people from the windows of the restaurant. A café/ restaurant, the place provides a delicious menu with its lobster soup topping the list of things you must try. This restaurant is also famous for its assortment of 6 different varieties of cheese found in the country which are used in salads, sandwiches or simply displayed on a platter! Bøf & Ost is operational Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am till 10: 30 pm.

Cuisine: Danish, French
Address: Gråbrødretorv 13, Copenhagen
Phone: 33-11-99-11
Transportation: Bus: 5
Prices: Main courses DKK169-DKK225 ($29-$38/£17-£23); fixed-price lunch menu DKK138 ($23/£14)


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