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Restaurants in Copenhagen - Denmark

Axelborg Bodega - Copenhagen

Axelborg Bodega

From the environment to the food and from the food to the chinaware, all are Danish. Danish dishes are served on special blue plates known as “dagens ret”. The recipes are all home-made and the locals would prefer nothing better than a plate of meat chops with a glass of wine on a regular day....

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Bøf & Ost - Copenhagen

Bøf & Ost

Overlooking the Grey Friars Square, Bøf & Ost is the perfect place to relax and observe people from the windows of the restaurant. A café/ restaurant, the place provides a delicious menu with its lobster soup topping the list of things you must try. This restaurant is also famous for its...

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Café Ketchup - Copenhagen

Café Ketchup

Brittany oysters with lemon and shallot-flavored vinegar; mussels in a Pernod-flavored cream sauce with fennel and summer onions; miso-baked halibut with spinach and garlic-flavored potatoes; venison with sautéed foie gras; and pear-flavored sorbet with Danish raspberries and cream.Read More

Café Sorgenfri - Copenhagen

Café Sorgenfri

Feeling blue? A trip to this café would surely fix it as Sorgenfri means “without sorrow”.  It is a fast food joint which basically deals with providing sandwiches on the menu. With a limited seating arrangement of 50 people, the place is usually jam packed during the afternoon. The perfect...

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Café Victor - Copenhagen

Café Victor

An informal setting promoting the café culture that has sprung up worldwide, Café Victor is stylish, outgoing and young. This is the reason it’s jam-packed with customers, majority being youngsters and artistic people. Business delegates can also discuss corporate mattes over a steaming cup of...

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Cap Horn - Copenhagen

Cap Horn

Two elements describe Cap Horn; good food and comfortable ambiance. It includes a summer terrace outside as well as dining rooms indoors. Eating outside on a summer’s eve is perhaps pleasure for all! The striking feature about this place is the usage of organic ingredients. This makes it an ideal...

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Chili - Copenhagen


Cuisine: American
Your choice of burgers ranging from Hawaii burgers to English burgers, from Danish burgers to the world famous Texas burgers, Chili has it all! Customers can enjoy a variety of 17 burgers without having to travel from place to place, in an environment which is not only...

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Domhus Kælderen - Copenhagen

Domhus Kælderen

If you are looking for a purely authentic Danish experience, Domhus Kælderen is the place to be. The fact that it promotes Danish culture in its foods and décor is the prime reason of it attracting majority of the tourists who are curious to try the foreign cuisine. Freshly pickled salmon and...

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