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Organized Tours in Copenhagen - Denmark

"Sweden Day Trip", A Guided Tour From Copenhagen

Seen everything or done everything in Copenhagen? Hop onto the nearest ferry for a day trip to Sweden. this tour will take you to the cities of Helsingborg, Lund and Malmo.
Departure Point: City Hall Square, in front of the Palace Hotel

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A Guided Tour Using the Copenhagen Card (CPHCard) - Copenhagen

A Guided Tour Using the Copenhagen Card (CPHCard)

The Copenhagen Card is the best way to get around Copenhagen within a limited budget. You can travel to and fro the airport and many other tourist places for free! Alongside free transportation, CPH Card also gives the benefit of admission in up to 60 museums free of cost!

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Association of Authorized Guides - Copenhagen

Association of Authorized Guides

Established in 1933, this is a semi-private tour company which aims at providing professional guided tours to tourists visiting Copenhagen annually. The people in this organization are well equipped, experienced and trained in 24 different languages from a three year government approved university...

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Canal tours - Copenhagen

Canal tours

Copenhagen operates on an extensive and vast canal system. Canal tours are either pre-recorded in different languages or a guide is usually involved who informs the riders about the attractions passing by. Canal tours come under three companies:
•    DFDS Canal Tours, Nyhavn 3,  +45 32...

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City Safari - Copenhagen

City Safari

They provide tours of the major contemporary as well as historic sights of Copenhagen during the night time.

Phone: 33/23-94-90                   

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History tours - Copenhagen

History tours

These are organized tours which take you to all historical places in Copenhagen and provide off hand information about major sights, attractions, monuments and museums. People organizing such tours are usually mastered in the field of history.                   
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Running tours - Copenhagen

Running tours

Running along the streets of Copenhagen to witness all the wonderful sights seems like the perfect way to lose a calorie or two!                    

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The "Hop On Hop Off" Bus Tour of Copenhagen

As the name suggests, the tour consists of a double Decker bus with a guide who informs about the various places that pass by. The fun bit about this guide is that anyone can get off anywhere for sightseeing. It offers three routes under one ticket which is valid for 24 hours after issue.  The...

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