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Ibsen’s Hotel

altAffordable yet classy, the Ibsen’s is a three-star hotel which is located in the city centre near the Trivoli Gardens, surrounded by all the chic cafes and restaurants. In operation since 1906, the hotel has managed to cope up with changing tastes and standards. With an attached bathroom, the rooms are airy and comfortable with stylish interior and overlook a beautiful courtyard. The most unique feature about this hotel is that every floor depicts a different story and theme. One floor with modern décor while the other antiquely decorated.

Transportation: Bus: 5, 14, or 16
Phone: 33-13-19-13
Fax: 33-13-19-16
Prices: DKK1, 150-DKK1, 310 ($196-$223/£115-£131) double; DKK1, 920 ($326/£192) suite. Rates include buffet breakfast
Credit Cards: AE, DC, MC, V
In room amenities: TV, Wi-Fi



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