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City Hotel Nebo

altAnother low budgeted hotel located at the heart of Copenhagen is the City Hotel Nebo. Created in the 1930’s with the aim of “providing an affordable accommodation for all”, this hotel still exists and serves a variety of tourists. It offers bedrooms with sizes carrying from 2 beds to 4; depending on the size of the family. It provides minimal facilities of a lounge and a breakfast room.

Location: Near Rådhuspladsen & Tivoli
Transportation: Bus: 1, 6, 16, 28, or 41
Phone: 33-21-12-17
Fax: 33-23-47-74
Room Information: 128 units, 88 w/bathroom
Prices: DKK650-DKK699 ($111-$119/£65-£70) double w/shared bathroom, DKK850-DKK899 ($145-$153/£85-£90) double w/private bathroom; DKK750-DKK1, 200 ($128-$204/£75-£120) family room for 3, DKK990-DKK1, 300 ($168-$221/£99-£130) family room for 4. Extra bed DKK150 ($26/£15) extra. Rates include buffet breakfast
Credit Cards: AE, DC, MC, V
In room amenities: TV
Parking: Parking DKK50 ($8.50/£5)



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