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Hotels in Copenhagen - Denmark

Absalon Hotel of Absalon Annex  - Copenhagen

Absalon Hotel of Absalon Annex

Inaugurated in 1938, the hotel once consisted of four town houses which were later merged into a single building. The hotel unravels a history of its origins. It all started with two people falling in love, getting married and starting a family where the hotel now stands. Rumor has it that two of...

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Alexandra Hotel - Copenhagen

Alexandra Hotel

If you want to have a true “Danish” experience the doors of the Alexandra are always open for you; given that your bank balance supports you. From the food to the cuisine to the décor, everything depicts deep Scandinavian culture. Additional features offered by this hotel include a bar,...

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Ascot Hotel - Copenhagen

Ascot Hotel

Looking for style, comfort and affordability? The Ascot Hotel offers all three under one roof! With its foundations placed in 1902, the hotel has expanded by acquiring a building nearby. From laundry rooms to fitness bars, the Ascot has much more to offer to its guests.
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Bed and Breakfast Cottage Farm - Copenhagen

Bed and Breakfast Cottage Farm

Away from the noise and traffic of the city, Bed and Breakfast is situated amidst the beauty and tranquility of Copenhagen’s countryside. It is at a distance of 12 km from the city centre and half the distance from the airport. Its surroundings consist of restaurants, museums and shops alongside...

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City Hotel Nebo - Copenhagen

City Hotel Nebo

Another low budgeted hotel located at the heart of Copenhagen is the City Hotel Nebo. Created in the 1930’s with the aim of “providing an affordable accommodation for all”, this hotel still exists and serves a variety of tourists. It offers bedrooms with sizes carrying from 2 beds to 4;...

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Copenhagen Airport Hostel - Copenhagen

Copenhagen Airport Hostel

Right next to the International Airport, the Copenhagen Airport Hostel provides an accessible accommodation to those who wish to spend economically. To ease transportation, the hostel provides shuttles which are connected to the airport. The hotel provides many facilities such as private parking,...

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Copenhagen Crown - Copenhagen

Copenhagen Crown

Equipped with a restaurant, bar, laundry service and dry cleaning, the Copenhagen Crown has a corporate history which dates back to as long as a hundred years. Although the bedrooms are average sized, the décor portrays class and elegance. The most striking feature about this hotel is the daily...

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Copenhagen Island Hotel - Copenhagen

Copenhagen Island Hotel

A one of a kind hotel, built on an island offers comfortable and Danish-designed rooms. If you look out of the window, the scenic beauty will be overwhelming, especially early in the morning. Alongside providing room service, housekeeping, the hotel also has a sauna and a fitness centre for the...

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