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Festivals in Copenhagen - Denmark

Christmas Flea Market - Copenhagen

Christmas Flea Market

In the Christmas holiday spirit, the Christmas Flea Market is every shopper’s stop shop. It offers a wide range of crafts, Christmas gifts, antiques books and much for at reasonable and negotiable prices.
•    Tel: +45 3247 2000
•   ...

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CODE (Nordic Design Fair) - Copenhagen

CODE (Nordic Design Fair)

CODE stands for Copenhagen Design and offers a perfect opportunity for interior, textile and fashion designers to exhibit their talents and most of all acquire the experience of a lifetime! The concept of the most prestigious design award index adds an element of competitiveness in the fair. It...

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Copenhagen Blues Festival - Copenhagen

Copenhagen Blues Festival

An annual five day festival celebrating a contemporary genre of music; promises fun and excited. Since 2001 this festival aims at promoting various national and international blue bands. ...

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Copenhagen Carnival - Copenhagen

Copenhagen Carnival

Copenhagen is known as the hub of all music festivities. The Copenhagen Carnival is an event solely attributed to promoting World Music with 120 bands, 2000 dancers and an audience of over 100,000. The streets of Copenhagen are filled with sights and sounds for three consecutive days, as the...

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Copenhagen Contemporary - Copenhagen

Copenhagen Contemporary

If art were given a practical form, it would have been Copenhagen Contemporary. It includes photographs, sculptures, paintings, videos and various artistic performances by national as well international artists. Started in 2008, this event gained a lot of popularity due to its exclusive...

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Copenhagen Cooking - Copenhagen

Copenhagen Cooking

Food for thought or real? The annual gourmet festival is also known as the Nordic Food Festival which was held in 2005 for the first time. It includes a wide variety of exotic and mouth-watering Danish and Nordic cuisines. It promises a week full of delicacies. It is usually held at various...

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Copenhagen Distortion - Copenhagen

Copenhagen Distortion

Help for the first time in 1998, the Copenhagen Distortion Festival continues to promote and celebrate the culture of art and music. This five-day music festival is geared towards entertaining the enthusiastic and energetic youth. The event is held at the city’s most famous nightspots, streets...

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Copenhagen Fashion Fair - Copenhagen

Copenhagen Fashion Fair

The history of the Copenhagen Fashion Fair dates back to the 1060s.the fair targeted women with Danish and Scandinavian fashion tastes. Attracting 50,000 tourists and over 21,000 exhibitors, the Fair hasn’t lost its appeal.                   

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