Fast Facts

Location: Copenhagen is strategically located on the eastern side of Denmark on the island of Zealand within a 50 km radius. This city is the largest in Denmark and the most densely populated in Northern Europe.
Dialing codes: +45 is the international dialing code for Denmark. Denmark no longer requires area codes.
General Emergency: (police, ambulance and fire department):112(emergency calls from public booths are free of cost)
•    Airport Enquiry: Telephone( 3231 3231)
                            Fax (3231 3132)
Population: Urban population- 1,181,239
Metropolitan population- 1,894,521
Density: 6,015.9/km²
Language: The official language of Denmark is Danish; spoken by 98% of the population. German is the official regional language but English is widely spoken as a second language.
Total spread of the city:  It covers an area of approximately 50 km in radius.
Time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour
Annual rainfall: 61cm or 170 rainy days.
Highest summer temperatures: 70˚ F
Lowest winter temperatures: -5˚F