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Transportation - Getting Around in Prague - Czech Republic

Buses - Prague


Along with buses, Prague also has a popular tram network. Both Bus and Tram services run from 5am to midnight with some night services running every 40 minutes (night bus services are 501 to 512). Night trams (51 to 58) intersect at Lazarska in Nove Mesto. Bus and tram timetables are posted at all...

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Car for hire - Prague

Car for hire

There are a number of rental car companies available in Prague. It is often easier to book online rather than by phone as smaller companies are less likely to have English speaking staff. The general consensus regarding the rental is that you must be 19 years old and hold a full clean license for a...

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Driving Tips - Prague

Driving Tips

The speed limit is 50kph (31mph) in built-up areas, 130kph (81mph) on motorways, and 90kph (56mph) everywhere else.

If have an accident or require assistance call the Emergency Road Service on 1240.
A booklet listing all information regarding petrol and service...

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From the Airport - Prague

From the Airport

Prague’s Ruzyne Airport is located 17km west of city central. When you reach arrivals, locate a public transport desk and buy a ticket which will cover you for both bus and metro. Take bus 119 which runs every 15 minutes, to the end of the line at Dejvicka, then continue by metro into the city....

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Metro - Prague


Alongside the Bus and Tram services, the Metro system operates from 5am to midnight. Services are fast and frequent and there is a map at every metro station and on every train. There are three main lines: line A (marked in green) which runs from Dejvicka to Depo Hostivar; line B (yellow) runs from...

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Taxi - Prague


If you can help it, avoid catching taxis in Prague as the city is notorious for deceptive taxi drivers who over-charge tourists. If you do not speak Czech there is a good chance you could be ripped off by a taxi driver, especially within the city. Be aware that most dishonest drivers operate around...

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