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Restaurants in Prague - Czech Republic

Boulevard Bageterie - Prague

Boulevard Bageterie

Boulevard Bageterie is sandwich shop that feels like a fast food outlet but offers food that is fresh, edible and good for you. It gives you a choice of ordering off the menu or making your own sandwich and the ingredients are of good quality, prices are reasonable and there is space for patrons to...

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Cafe No. 1 - Prague

Cafe No. 1

A modern cafe that likes to play the latest techno music, Cafe No. 1 has 12 different types of hot chocolate along with coffees, milkshakes and juices. The food selection offers breakfast with eggs, pasta, risotto, salads and pitas. The evening sees cocktail and beer menus take centre stage as the...

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Cafe Slavia - Prague

Cafe Slavia

A restaurant with a literary bent, this used to be the favorite eatery of author Milan Kundera as well as a hang-out of the all the intellectuals and their fans. Opening in 1881, the food menu reads like standard Czech cuisine, offering fish and chicken dishes along with soups and cheese...

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Dahab Restaurant - Prague

Dahab Restaurant

Daham Restaurant is a fast food restaurant specializing in gyros, pizza, falafels and other sorts of snack food. Located next to the Roxy club, it is open until 1am. Address: Dlouha 31                   

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Daily Fresh - Prague

Daily Fresh

Address:  Karlova

Fresh food is made daily at this eatery which stays open late. Fresh pizza, gyros and other foods are available.


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Klub Architektu - Prague

Klub Architektu

Don’t let the ‘club’ part of the name fool you; this place serves quality Czech food along in its cozy cellar inspired setting. Despite its Old Town location the prices are cheaper than most places. In the summer months it is wise to book ahead, though in general it is not mandatory....

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Nostress - Prague


This restaurant mixes French and Asian cuisine with noodle dishes and meals with fish, duck and other meats; the dessert menu has a variety of French and Belgian treats. However the food is not cheap but there are business lunch specials on offer during the week and on Fridays there is live music....

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Platyz Cafe-Bar - Prague

Platyz Cafe-Bar

Found in a little courtyard passage off Narodni, this place offers a variety of Italian cuisine including pizzas, pastas and meat dishes in various sauces. There is an impressive wine menu and also a menu of ‘top-class’ drinks. Address: Narodni 37
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