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What to do with Children in Tow?

altWith its fascinating architecture, Prague can be thought of as an ancient place for children to be enthralled by and enjoy. Along with Prague Castle, there is its fascinating Toy Museum and Miniatures Museum (they are not allowed to touch the displays though). There are numerous toy shops dotted around the city which, when travelling by tram can be entertaining for children, along with the puppet theatres.

    There are many public gardens within Prague as well; ones with playground areas are Letna Gardens and Terrace, located at Letenske sady, catch Tram 12 or 17 to Cechuv most and Children’s Island, located at Destky ostrov. Petrin Hill is one of the best places for children with the funicular ride, constructed in the late 19th to 20th century and the playground and mirror maze. There is also Prague Zoo which is open daily, check the website for details, and the newly opened Sea World.

    Large hotels offer babysitting services but there are agencies whose rates are sometimes cheaper than the hotel ones. These agencies provide sitters who speak English but also be prepared to pay transport costs for sitters after midnight: Agentura Admina (+420 608 281 280), Agentura Aja (+420 603 886 736) and Agentura Pohoda (+420 274 772 201).



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