St Vitus Cathedral

If you must see one part of Prague Castle then make it St Vitus Cathedral. Its construction began in 1344 and despite it is very Gothic in appearance it was only completed in 1929. Passing through the Golden Gate doorway adorned with its 14th century Mosaic of the Last Judgement, you’ll be given a brochure of highlights to visit. One of these is the view of Prague from the 96m tall Great Tower and the silver tomb of St John of Nepomuk. The ornate Chapel of St Wenceslas however has a special significance. On the southern side of the chapel there is a little door with seven locks, each key needed to unlock this door is in the safekeeping of a separate official. What lies behind the door? The Czech crown jewels which are rarely shown to the public; the oldest of which is a 22-carat gold St Wenceslas Crown made for Charles IV in 1347. The crown does come with a curse however: any usurper who wears it is doomed to die within the year.

Admission prices:
the nave and chapels are free but a ticket is required for the rest.


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