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Festivals in Prague - Czech Republic

All Souls’ Day - Prague

All Souls’ Day

Held in Prague’s cemeteries, such as the eerie Vysehrad and Olsany, Czechs gather to light candles and commemorate the souls of the dead on November 2nd.                   

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Ameropa - Prague


The last weekend of this month is entranced by the sweet sounds of chamber music floating through the city.                   

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Anniversary of Jan Palach’s Death - Prague

Anniversary of Jan Palach’s Death

Occurring on the 19th of January people congregate in Wenceslas Square at the Jan Palach Memorial to pay tribute to the student who set himself on fire in 1969 in protest against Soviet occupation....

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Burcak Wine Festivals - Prague

Burcak Wine Festivals

Burcak is a sweet wine that appears during the grape harvesting season during autumn. Availability is limited but be sure to check out the celebrations in Vinohrady.                   

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Christmas and New Year - Prague

Christmas and New Year

Get ready for a magical season of festivities with a massive Christmas tree set up in the Old Town Square near the main Christmas market. More of these markets are dotted around the city, selling decorations, gifts and traditional festive food; some stalls serve svarak or mulled wine while eager...

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Dance Prague  - Prague

Dance Prague

Held in multiple theatres, this is an international festival of modern dance.                   

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Easter Monday - Prague

Easter Monday

This universal holiday is heralded by an old Czech ritual. In Prague men of all ages chase their beloveds and swat them on the legs with willow switches tied with ribbon. In return the women give gifts of hand painted eggs. After that the party gets started.                    Read More

Italian Opera Festival - Prague

Italian Opera Festival

At the start of August and spreading into September, the works of Verdi and other Italian composers become prominent in the city. Performed at the Prague State Opera house, it is an opportunity to see classic productions outside of the main opera season.                    Read More


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