Prague Today

Since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Prague has opened its doors to international visitors and garnered the reputation of a crowded, touristy, party filled place. The city has devoted itself to cleaning up its act but some would argue that you don’t always get what you pay for. Taxis still over charge, pick pockets still operate and if you go out at night you could bump into a rambunctious stag party. Indeed the capital of sleaze, as the city has been called on occasion, does still hold onto its saucy vices. But Prague does try hard to make everyone happy: high class restaurants sit next to greasy take-outs while designer brands rub shoulders with tacky souvenir shops. A more direct threat to this emerging cosmopolitan city has been the whole takeaway coffee concept which is almost a mockery of the Czech’s grand cafe culture of coffee served on silver trays.

However if you scratch the surface of this reputation you’ll find that Prague has a lot more to offer. The architecture, despite a long history dotted with war and natural disaster, is remarkably intact and waiting to be discovered. As you walk along the streets you can find hidden gems in art installations by David Cerny and little cafes that will probably have better deals in food and drink. In a nutshell: go and explore!