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General Information About Prague - Czech Republic

Annual Temperature - Prague

Annual Temperature

Month       Average High (C°)    Average Low (C°)
January        1°C                           -4°C
February       2°C                          -4°C
March         ...

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Fast Facts - Prague

Fast Facts

Population: 1.19 million
Language: Czech
Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 1
Average January temperature: -1°C
Average July temperature: 19°C
Annual rainfall:...

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Prague History - Prague

Prague History

Like any major city, Prague’s origins are based on legends. According to the myth, the site of Prague was founded by Libuse, a daughter of an ancient Czech ruler, and the man she chose to be her husband, Premysl. Their decedents would later build Prague Castle. The city became the center of...

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Prague Residents - Prague

Prague Residents

While Prague has reportedly the best standard of living in Central and Eastern Europe, this standard is out of reach for many of its working class. There is a growing middle class who is beginning to experience all the pleasures of fine dining and clubs but this group is relatively small. Visitors...

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Prague Today - Prague

Prague Today

Since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Prague has opened its doors to international visitors and garnered the reputation of a crowded, touristy, party filled place. The city has devoted itself to cleaning up its act but some would argue that you don’t always get what you pay for. Taxis still over...

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Public Holidays - Prague

Public Holidays

•    New Year’s Day: January 1st
•    Easter Monday: March/April
•    Labour Day: May 1st
•     Liberation Day: May 8th
•    SS Cyril & Methodius Day: July 5th
•    Jan Hus Day: July 6th
•    Czech Statehood Day:...

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Visa Information - Prague

Visa Information

The Czech Republic distinguishes between two visas: the Schengen (short term) visas and the long term visas. The Schengen visa allows stays for up to 90 days. For this application you will need a completed application form, a valid passport and photograph and documents outlining your purpose for...

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When to go - Prague

When to go

The hot, crowded European summers are not ideal. Though the city experiences an influx of visitors during these months, many locals head to the countryside during this time. With more agreeable weather, fewer tourists and a variety of festivals, the spring and autumn seasons show Prague at its...

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