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Transportation - Getting Around in Larnaca - Cyprus

Buses - Larnaca


Larnaca has the best public transportation system in the whole island. The public bus service is extremely efficient, and it is the most affordable and convenient way of getting around town, and within cities as well. Most of the buses will run till about 8pm, but during peak tourist seasons they...

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Car for hire - Larnaca

Car for hire

Renting a car in Cyprus is a very common choice among tourists, especially since it is very convenient and you can explore the cities at your own pace. Even though the rates are steep, it is somewhat affordable within the city. It is necessary to book in advance, while comparing the prices and...

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Driving Tips - Larnaca

Driving Tips

The legal age to drive in Cyprus in 18, but you need to 21 to hire a car. Cyprus has very strict rules and regulations for the road, like keep within the speed limits, wearing the seatbelt while driving and wearing a helmet when riding a bike. It is also not permitted to use a mobile phone or...

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From the airport - Larnaca

From the airport

The Larnaca International Airport is located about 4km southwest of the city of Larnaca. There are plenty of shuttle buses to help you reach to and fro the airport and the main cities.  The best way to travel from the airport is to hire a private taxi, and there are plenty of car rental depots...

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Taxi - Larnaca


Taxis are available 24 hours of the day in Larnaca, and are a cheap option for getting around within the city. They can be hailed from any street corner, or booked in advance. Most taxis have a one-off charge and run by the meter. However, if the taxi does not have a meter it is recommended that...

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