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Shopping in Larnaca - Cyprus

34the Shop - Larnaca

34the Shop

A very popular store on Ernau street, 34the Shop is unique in items as it is with its name. It is the one-stop shop for all those looking to purchase casual and trendy clothing from well known international brands and fashion labels. With branches all over the island, the 34the Shop at Larnaca is...

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Carrefour - Larnaca


This is one of the biggest hypermarket chains in the world today, and is a popular shopping choice for the people of Larnaca, making it a perfect one-stop shop for all everyday and household items. From the best in local and international food items to various clothing and apparel, accessories,...

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Debenhams - Larnaca


This is another big UK departmental store which is popular in Cyprus. There are 10 branches of Debenhams all over the island, with Larnaca having one of the biggest, each with its own parking area. Some of the top brands available at Debenhams include Oasis, Miss Sixty, Bossini, Adams, Triumph and...

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Fabulous Jewellers - Larnaca

Fabulous Jewellers

Customers can spend hours going through the huge collection of fine jewellery at this store. All pieces are of the highest quality, but it is possible to catch quite a few good deals at the place. The shop is usually crowded during weekends and in the evenings, so it is advised to go during the day...

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Indian Treasures - Larnaca

Indian Treasures

Originally starting business in Saudi Arabia, selling Bedouin handicrafts and ethnic items, Indian Treasures then moved to Cyprus where the clothes and accessories shop opened in 1997. The store is now an extremely popular shopper’s heaven in its exquisite designs in everything it has. From...

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Lefkaritica lace - Larnaca

Lefkaritica lace

The Lefkara Lace is a unique form of embroidery and lace making that is that is made by the women of the Lafkara village in Larnaca. This form of art is now world famous, with people coming from all over the world to see how it is made and purchase some of this rare skill. Most of the lace items,...

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Leonarte Jewellers - Larnaca

Leonarte Jewellers

This is a quaint and modern jewellery store which offers exceptional quality in custom made jewellery. Customers are treated with personal royalty as they choose and come up with their own unique designs and pieces from the exquisite range of silver, gold and pearl. The showroom is bright and...

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Marks & Spencer - Larnaca

Marks & Spencer

One of the leading world-known brands in fashion and household items, the Marks & Spencer stores in Larnaca are a popular choice among the elite of the city. With top quality products and material, the steep prices add to its superiority. Some of the popular brands available at M&S include Indigo,...

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