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Restaurants in Larnaca - Cyprus

Aldiana - Larnaca


Cuisine - International
Located in the Aldriana Hotel itself, the restaurant is a pleasant dining experience for all. The great service and atmosphere makes it a nice place to take family and friends, especially if there are children involved. You can enjoy the great view by the sandy beach,...

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Art Café 1900 - Larnaca

Art Café 1900

Cuisine - Cypriot
This is a very popular choice among youngsters, tourists and couples in Larnaca, with its popularity increasing with each passing day. Since its inception in 1993, the Art Café gives diners a homely and pleasant eating experience, with exquisite service and exceptional...

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Cambanella’s Steak Restaurant - Larnaca

Cambanella’s Steak Restaurant

Cuisine - Cypriot/Continental
This family run business was first opened in 2002, and has grown largely in popularity and fame all over the island. The exquisite décor is done in true Cypriot style, giving diners a unique Mediterranean eating experience. The restaurant is known for its...

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Ganga Indian Restaurant - Larnaca

Ganga Indian Restaurant

Cuisine- Indian
Known to be the best Indian restaurant in Cyprus, Ganga is always packed with loyal customers and tourists, and it is usually necessary to make a reservation, especially during the weekends. With warm and exotic themed décor, the style is chic yet traditional, and diners are...

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Habibi Lebanese Restaurant - Larnaca

Habibi Lebanese Restaurant

Cuisine- Arabic

Habibi Lebanese Restaurant is the most popular Arabic joint in the city, with people flocking from all over the region to eat at the place. All the food available is cooked and prepared in traditional Lebanese style, the owners and chefs being Lebanese themselves. The...

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Hobo’s Steak House - Larnaca

Hobo’s Steak House

One of the best steak houses in Larnaca, Hobo’s Steak house is a non-vegetarians paradise. The restaurant is divided into two floors, with the ground floor and outside area for drinks and beverages, and the dining area upstairs. Many customers just come to Hobo’s to grab a few drinks in the...

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Kalifouthkia Tavern - Larnaca

Kalifouthkia Tavern

Cuisine- Cypriot/Continental
This friendly and casual tavern is a good choice for those looking for a quick and pleasant meal, with great value for money. The interiors and architecture is typically Cypriot, with cottage style furniture and décor. The place is known for serving large...

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Moti Mahal - Larnaca

Moti Mahal

Cuisine - Indian/International
This is one of the classiest and renowned restaurants in Larnaca. The highlights at this restaurant are the male and female belly dancers who perform on most nights providing guests with the ultimate in dining entertainment. The cuisine is typically Eastern and...

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