What to do with Children in Tow

It is not really possible to see the whole city within a day, but you can still catch some of the main attractions if you start early and plan accordingly. The Choirokoitia settlement is one of the main places to visit in Larnaca and you can do so if you start very early in the day. The settlement will keep you occupied until lunch time when you can head back to the main city and grab some traditional Cypriot meals on the way. After lunch you can make a trip to the St Lazarus Church and the District Museum, since both are in the same area. It won’t take more than an hour or two to visit each and you can then spend the rest of your day either at the Camel Park or at one of the many beaches in Larnaca, where you can take part in many activities like water sports and sand games.

More Places-To-Visit in Larnaca
Alpha Divers Dive Centre
Ancient Kition
Angeloktisti Church
Camel Park
Choirokoitia Settlement
Hala Sultan Tekke